Smart Med Reminder

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Taking your medication at the correct time can be vital to ensuring your medication works the best it can for you. Smart Med Reminder is an application synchronized with your medication lid and a smartphone to remind when it is time to take your medication. A Smart Med Reminder cap would replace the standard lid you get on a prescription bottle and is programmed for you at our pharmacy. The Smart Med Reminder cap knows your dosing schedule. When the alarm goes off on your cap you simply open the bottle and take your medication as you normally would. Once you replace the cap on the bottle, it will not alarm again until your next dose. The cap is synchronized with an application on your smartphone that will send a reminder to your phone as well. The mobile application will also allow you to follow your dosing history to see if you are frequently missing doses or taking them off schedule. This allows you and us here at Medicap to make adjustments. Stop by or call us today to see how you can get started with the Smart Med Reminder System.